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Algoa’s Fully Equipped machining department have decades of experience in Hollow Spindle Oil Country Lathes Manual/CNC, Milling Machines, Deep bore drilling machines, Tool Room Lathes and cylindrical grinding machines. Tackling the toughest problems in the industry and providing excellent cost effective results.

Engineering Algoa offers full engineering & design solutions, we can support you through your project from start to finish and bring your requirements to life.

Manufacturing We can manufacture a wide range of products to numerous specifications including down hole drilling products as per API 7-1 and the ability to deliver on time every time, we pride ourselves on our reputation of our machining manufacturing and stand behind our units with guarantees and warranties.

Threading Algoa Is a specialist in threading and have refurbished and manufactured thousands of units with approved Licenses from some of the biggest names in the industry like API, VAM, Tenaris, Grant Prideco and more.

Manganese Phosphating

Manganese Phosphating is a coating for metal products, its main use is for added corrosion protection and improved Anti Galling Properties. With our onsite chemical bath units we can handle any job that is required.

Bead Blasting Our bead blasting booths are there to provide galling resistance on stainless steel threads.

Refurbishment With being in sub-Saharan Africa we know how hard it can be to procure specialist equipment within certain timeframes,

that is why we recommend refurbishing your existing units when possible to keep costs down and keep operations running smoothly.

Prototyping Algoa has been working with companies for years bringing their ideas to fully working equipment or products and building be-spoke prototype solutions to various problems in multiple industries,

from prototyping into testing and onto manufacturing we do it all for you.

CNC Machines


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